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About Us

King Peedia

Welcome to King Peedia, where we bring you the amazing stories and history of the Rajput, Culture, Clan, King and Temple. It is help to improve your knowledge of rajasthan rajput for GK Exam.

Service Provided Description
Rajput History Learn about the past of Rajput community.
Rajput Culture Explore the customs and traditions of Rajputs.
Indian Kings Discover stories of famous kings, especially from Rajasthan.
Indian Temples of Rajasthan Find out about temples in Rajasthan, their history, and beauty.
Focus Helping you prepare for Rajasthan GK exams, focusing on Rajput history, culture, Indian kings, and temples.
Owner Devendra Singh
Address Aravali Vihar Vistar Surya Nagar Alwar ( 301001 ) Rajasthan

Our Goal

At King Peedia, we're on a mission to share the incredible history and culture of the Rajputs with everyone. We want to make learning about this fascinating heritage easy and enjoyable for all.

Who We Are

King Peedia was started by Devendra Singh, a big fan of Rajput history and culture. He wanted to create a place where anyone could explore and learn about the brave Rajput warriors and their exciting stories.

What We Do

We provide lots of interesting articles and stories about Rajput history. From famous kings to epic battles, we cover it all. Our goal is to make Rajput history fun and accessible for everyone to enjoy.

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