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WebP vs. PNG vs. JPG - Exploring the Pros and Cons, Advantages, and Disadvantages

PNG, JPG, and WebP are different image formats that play a important role in factors such as page load speed and user experience.  In this g...

Devendra Singh 26 Nov, 2023

Impact And Benefit For SEO To Add Custom Robots.txt File in Blogger

When you Customizing the robots.txt file for your Blogger website can help control how search engines crawl and index your content. The robo...

Devendra Singh 25 Nov, 2023

Guide to King Peedia SEO Tools Features

King Peedia providing a set of SEO tools and SEO Topic of SEO Tips and Blogging Tips. Its main focus includes creating meta tags for Blogger...

Devendra Singh 25 Nov, 2023

Title Tags and Meta Descriptions Guide For Search Engine Rankings

The role of title tags is a headlines and meta descriptions is blog and article short descriptions . As Devendra Singh, the proud owner of K...

Devendra Singh 25 Nov, 2023


Meta Tag Generator

Create meta tags for your website.

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Custom robots.txt File Generator

Generate a custom robots.txt file for your blogger and other platform.

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Length of Title and Description Checker

Check the length of your title and description tags with preview.

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Image Converter

Convert images to different formats. You can convert images in three format like PNG, JPG, Webp

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What services does KingPeedia provide?

KingPeedia is provides SEO Tips and blogging tips. We hope to improve your website's visibility and performance in search engines.

What tools are available on KingPeedia?

KingPeedia offers three powerful SEO tools: a Meta Tag Generator for creating meta tags, a Robots.txt File Creator for managing search engine crawlers, and an SEO URL Slug Creator for optimizing URLs.

Who is the founder of KingPeedia?

KingPeedia was founded by Devendra Singh, an expert in the field of SEO. His vision is to provide valuable tools and services to allow website owners and SEO professionals.

How can I contact KingPeedia?

You can contact KingPeedia by emailing us at exosolvingit@gmail.com.